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Join Me for The Next 6 Weeks and Discover How To Eliminate Chronic Pain Without Any Side Effects

If you have been living with pain for awhile, chances are you are aware of the cyclical nature of chronic pain. Too many people accept pain as part of their reality, part of aging, part of their everyday life.

Until recently, I was one of the people stuck in the cycle of chronic pain aimlessly fighting to get out of pain. Fluctuating between hope and determination to heal my pain and feeling utterly hopeless.

After years of searching and researching, I have been pain free for 3 years now.

I have eliminated the chronicity of pain from my life through immense research, trial & error and my educational background as a chiropractor, orthomolecular nutritionist and a yoga teacher.

The journey is frustrating and defeating as there is no step by step blueprint out of it.  There is little explanation for chronic pain as a diagnosis.

Chronic pain is what needs to be addressed first and the patient needs to be treated for it.


There is no question that chronic pain changes the brain.

It is a scientific fact that chronic pain, changes the way we experience pain. There has been studies that objectively show changes in how the signalling in the brain changes with chronic pain in those who have pain for long periods of time, regardless of the root of the pain.

I want to reiterate the fact that chronic pain syndrome is a condition of it’s own and it needs to be addressed before any other condition when we are trying to heal from the pain. It is not a diagnosis of exclusion and it is not a hopeless diagnosis. It is a diagnosis with a direction. It shows involvement of central nervous systems, there objective changes which means, we know what has shifted in the body and what we need to return to it’s homeostatis, balance.

Additionally, there has been exciting scientific evidence on pain and neuroplasticity of the brain which show that we can rewire our brain to heal this cycle of pain. Neuroplasticity, means that the brain can mold itself out of pain, the same way it changed with chronic pain in the first place.

I have used this principle of neuroplasticity and a holistic approach to heal myself out of chronic pain. Since then I have treated hundreds of patients with chronic pain health and  reversed the effects of chronic pain.

In this course you will learn about the latest evidence on how to heal pain through the power of neuroplasticity, creating pain-free pathways,calming an overly sensitive nervous system using natural remedies based on mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and promising passive therapies.

My goal is to empower you to know what actually works and has strong evidence for improving chronic pain and what does not. This course will show you simple, effective and evidence based tools to heal pain, ease anxiety, depression, improve mobility and boost energy by creating your own natural medicine cabinet using the food in your kitchen, supplementation, mindfulness & yoga and effective passive therapies available for chronic pain.

This course is right for you, if

  • Your pain is chronic (>3 months)
  • You have tried other forms of treatment with minimal to no success
  • You are looking for a comprehensive approach that address all avenues contributing to cyclical nature of pain
  • You want to understand the effect of chronicity on pain
  • You want the necessary strategies to heal pain naturally
  • You want to be accountable for prioritizing eliminating chronic pain from your life


  • A keen interest in how chronic pain changes the brain and how we can rewire our brain to eliminate chronic nature of pain
  • No specific materials or  previous knowledge on chronic pain is required for this course.

So what does the course cover?

The Chronic Pain Solution: 6 weeks to Healing the Root Cause of Pain Without Drugs or Side Effects

Week 1: Evidence on why chronic pain deserves empathy and how to heal from it

In this module, you will learn how chronic pain changes the brain and why understanding these changes is important in order to have empathy/self love for yourself while healing from it. You will get a clear understanding of chronic pain as a condition, neuroplaplasticity of the brain which will translate into a step-by-step plan for healing from chronic pain.Furthermore, we will spend some time discussing accountability, common barriers and frustrations that keep you stuck in the cycle of pain and how to by pass these obstacles through mindfulness, clear plan and accountability.

Live Q & A
After this first module, there will be a live question and answer session, so that we can make sure your understand the upcoming week, we will discuss accountability, empathy towards towards ourselves and understanding the nature of chronic pain. If you can’t make it live, you can send in your questions, and you will get the recording.

Week 2: 4 simple solutions you can implement today to break the cycle of chronic pain

We will learn 4 Easy Tips to break the pain cycle. This will include easy mindfulness exercise, one crucial food group to avoid or minimize in order to improve pain, importance of re-hydration, one of the most important supplements to increase tissue healing and  15-20 minute yoga practice to centralize pain.

Week 3: How to Design Your Diet to Effectively Kick OFF pain

In this module you will learn about how to feed your body and remove everyday neurotoxins in order to facilitate the healing of musculoskeletal & nervous system and minimize inflammation in order to reduce pain.

Week 4 : Supplements to curb chronic pain

What are some natural and effective supplements that aid in the healing process through reduction of stress hormone cortisol, improving sleep, improving metabolism, decreasing muscle cramping, reducing free radicals and aiding in the tissue healing process.What are some natural pain killers that do not impair kidney and liver function for when you are in crisis.

Live Q & A
After module 4, there will be a live question and answer session, so that we can make sure you have an easy to follow nutrition plan. I will provide you with a “bonus quiz” to personalize your supplement needs. We will go over different scenarios of barrier and how to overcome them. If you can’t make it live, you can send in your questions, and you will get the recording.

Week 5: Musculoskeletal Tricks To Fight off Pain

In this module we will discuss how to incorporate various forms of movement as a therapeutic tool to establish pain centralization and combat brain fog in an easy and time effective manner. We will also discuss passive methods to facilitate musculoskeletal healing.

Week 6: Evidence based Promising treatments for treating chronic pain

In this module, we will discuss both conventional and unconventional, but promising treatment modalities that has been found effective to treat chronic pain.

Bonus Modules:

Week 7: Mindfulness Practice

We will go over the importance of mindfulness practice. What are some various options of mindfulness. What are some great resources available to harness this procedure. How to incorporate mindfulness and meditation, if you are or if you are not spiritual.

Week 7: Summary of our Game Plan

In this final week we will review our step-by-step action plan to maintain this positive momentum beyond this course. We will go over options for moving forward with or without further guidance.

Live Q & A
After this first module, there will be a live question and answer session, so that we can go over your game plan moving forward with or without guidance. We will talk about importance of feasibility to maintaining a reasonable plan of management. If you can’t make it live, you can send in your questions, and you will get the recording.

action plan

By the end of this course you will have gained the necessary tools and insights to heal yourself from chronic pain naturally.This course is for

  • Anyone suffering with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, lyme disease, lupus, chronic osteoarthritis
  • Friends or family of a person suffering with chronic pain
  • Health or wellness practitioners looking for a solid understanding of the science of pain & neuroplastic techniques to help their clients heal naturally.

Beginning Tuesday July 9th – Introductory price of only $497

Pain Elimination Solution

Ultimate 6 week Guide for healing chronic pain naturally without side effects

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This is the beta version of a highly interactive course at an introductory price. Spaces are limited, so sign up now. The prices will go up for the upcoming sessions.

Pain Elimination SolutionUltimate 6 week Guide for healing chronic pain naturally without side effects

Email me @ lalehmaroufi@gmail.com for more payment options

Dr. Laleh Maroufi is a chiropractor, orthomolecular nutritionist  and a yoga teacher using many modalities including physical therapy, rehabilitation and various modalities including acupressure, mindfulness & yoga, advanced medical nutrition, sports performance nutrition. She is fascinated by the body’s innate ability to heal with the evidence based tools, the power of our thought and importance of nutrition. She believes that we should all be our own health advocate and do our research to find the right practitioners, to advocate for the health of our body and to heal properly. Her passion is sharing simple but powerful tools to help people feel in control of their own health. She works with patients with chronic pain in a clinical setting and online.


Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I am going away on vacation for two weeks right in the middle of this. Can I still participate, or should I wait until later?
A: Yes, you can still participate. The modules can be done at your own pace, it is fine to do more than one in a week, and also to take time off.  It is also fine to wait until later, but this is the only time I will offer the introductory price.

Q: I’m so busy! How much time will this take?
A: The weekly modules will be 30-60 minutes.  I will provide some optional information for people who want to take it deeper, but the fundamentals are quick and easy. However, I do recommend making your healing journey your priority, until you reach the maintenance/wellness stage of your health journey.

Q: I know nothing about neuroplasticity of the brain or chronic inflammation. Will I be lost in this course i?
A: No prior experience or knowledge is necessary. I will explain everything clearly, and you are always free to email me any questions as well as ask in the live Q&A’s.

Q: When will the classes be?
The new modules will be emailed to you every Tuesday beginning 6/25.
Three Q&A’s will be held as noted on the syllabus with two times to accommodate time zones:
12:00pm PDT, 3:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm UK
4:00 pm PDT, 7:00 pm EST, 9:00 am AU the following day

Beginning Tuesday July 9th –
Introductory price of only $497

Pain Elimination SolutionUltimate 6 week Guide for healing chronic pain naturally without side effects


Pain Elimination Solution

Ultimate 6 week Guide for healing chronic pain naturally without side effects

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Email lalehmaroufi@gmail.com if you need more payment options.

As this is the beta version of the course, there is no reviews for this course. However, here are some review from patients who were treated by Dr. Maroufi in the past:

“… a highly skilled professional with a friendly, kind personality. She will take the time to understand your concerns, and will develop a treatment plan that is personalized to your needs. Dr. Maroufi is very knowledgable in the medical and scientific aspects of health, but she also has a vast understanding of holistic approaches to wellness, such as nutrition and meditation. She’s also a certified yoga instructor! Her advice will definitely set you on the path to your best self” -Sydney

“… is a very knowledgeable and thorough chiropractor. She takes her time with you and does an in depth assessment to find the root of your complaint. She also encompasses a more holistic approach to treatment as she is specialized in nutrition.” – Monique

The best chiropractor in Toronto. Fixed my back pretty much in the initial session. Dr. Maroufi knows exactly what joints/muscles to pull/push on & also does cupping and acupuncture treatment. Knows yoga and nutrition well, and thus gives solid advices to prevent any body/health problems in the future. Much recommended.” – Vojtech

“… is a great listener and asks many questions to get to the root of your problems. She always goes above and beyond and you can tell that she genuinely likes what she does.” -Filiz

"I paid dr laleh a visit and i can say with absolute certainty SHE IS THE BEST, effective results from the first session, very knowledgable and humble on a personal level, seriously shes a HIDDEN GEM! Go all in with no fear! Ull never regret it"

“Dr Laleh Maroufi is a must see. She studies the latest techniques, including dry needling, to look after you. Her patient care is second to none, and she always ensures that you have all of your questions answered and treatment thoroughly explained. I’m devastated I’m now on the opposite side of the country to her because I miss her care.”

“I went with some pretty bad lower back pain, must say she’s amazing told me what we were doing ran tests. Explained everything and told me how to prevent and what needs to be done highly recommend her!” -Kaitlin

If you have any further questions?

 Just email me @lalehmaroufi@gmail.com and I’m happy to chat!

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