A Comprehensive Care to Chiropractic


Chiropractic treatment uses a combination of methods, based on the specific needs of each patients. These are some of the methods used by chiropractors:

  • Spinal manipulative therapy:  highly-skilled and precise adjustments, performed either manually or with an instrument,  on the restricted joint of the spine. An adjustment can help correct joint motion, restore proper movement, improve function, and decrease muscle tension.
  • Fascial work: deep fascial misalignments that allow joint restrictions to persist over time, affecting not only our musculoskeletal system, but also the nerve flow. Fascia covers and connects the body and because it is a host for nerves, white blood cells and other nutrients, it  plays an important role in body’s communication system.

Benefits of fascial work are as listed:

Increases muscle flexibility and glide,

Breaks up scar tissue

Increases range of motion with injuries,

  • Soft tissue therapy is used to break up inelastic or fibrous muscle tissue by providing a dynamic movements, deep pressure on trigger points or instrument assisted pressure & movement. The technique involves stretching the problem areas and restore flexibility in the tissue. The goal of this therapy is to decrease muscular tension, and reduce associated pain.


Functional integrated acupuncture is a biomedical focus on acupuncture for musculoskeletal injury management. It requires acupuncture needle insertion into targeted anatomical structures to address the musculoskeletal cause of the injury. The needle insertions improve blood flow to the area which facilitates the healing process and in turn improves muscle function by decreasing pain and muscle tension.


Rehabilitation involves restoring an individual’s strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination to end the propagation of pain, muscular dysfunction and loss cycle. An individual receives rehabilitation exercises and programs based on their needs to ensure recovery and prevention of further injuries.