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What are some best places to travel to?

The best place to travel to is anywhere where you get to explore the wanders of the universe and see what mother earth has to offer.

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” Wallace Stevens

Mr. Stevens was definitely onto something.


On the summer of 201, I gave myself the birthday gift of travel. I decided to travel Italy, Greece and across Turkey. My goal was to go on the backpacking Europe tour that I never got to go as a college student, but I wanted to do it in style and class of someone in their late 20s.

Before you read any further, you should know that I love two things: Luxury and a good deal.

This meant I had to plan the trip with a great deal of research and precision, looking for hidden, underrated gems. During my search for finding one of the most beautiful places of turkey, I found Faralya.

Faralya, Turkey: a common camp ground for the local Turks.

I knew this was a place worth exploring when I found out that locals of the country chose this as a destination of travel and if you truly want to know a country ask its locals. However, if you want to see the over priced and over populated cliches, in that case go see the tourist attractions.

I have done both kind of traveling and loved it. However, on this occasion I wanted something more private and serene.

Where is Faralya?

Faralya, Turkey

Faralya is a village in Lycia, Turkey, it is located 15 km away from Oludeniz and 30 km outside of Fethiye. It’s defining feature is Butterfly valley. Butterfly valley is a sight for sore eyes- it is breathtaking and the town Faralya is located on a cliff overlooking the Butterfly valley.

How to Get into Town?

Although, the village is 30 km out of the main city Fethiye, there are inexpensive minibuses (dolmuş) to the Oludeniz, Faralya and Kabak. Taking a 30 minute cab ride through a narrow and winding road is another option to reach Faralya from Oludeniz. The final option is to do a 16 hike from Ovacık, 2 km north of Ölüdeniz, through the Lycian Way.

Kabak Avalon Bungalows

Kabak Avalon Bungalows are located by the breath taking, serene and secluded Kabak beach. It is an intimate, romantic and luxurious hideaway. There is merely 11 detached bungalows which gives you the feeling of being the only ones in the island.

View from the Bungalow

The interior of bungalow has a cottage like feel to it and the big wide windows looking out to the mountains and the ocean lets you wake up with the most beautiful view.

This paired with the outdoor lobby area which features an infinity pool draped by mountains covered in lush pine forest is truly one of most beautiful places I have ever seen in my short life.

At the Avalon, dining is something to look forward to as you are enriched in this immensely miraculous view of the nature during breakfast and dinner. 

Moreover, the bungalows are merely 2 km from Butterfly valley which is a signature, must see, deep valley of Faralya.

My experience at the Avalon bungalows were incredible. I absolutely did not want to leave and promised myself that I will most definitely will be coming back.

Kabak Avalon

Where to book from:

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The only set back of this place is that it is 30 minutes drive from the Oludeniz and even Further from Fethiye, the city. Even though, getting into the city is fairly easy and inexpensive during the day, if you want to enjoy the nightlife, the bungalows are not conveniently located. However, if you want to experience breath taking views, luxury, serenity, privacy, and loads of outdoor activities, this is the place to be.

Must do activities:

  • Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi).

    Butterfly valley

This valley gets its name from a large swarm of butterflies within the habitat near the waterfalls on the canyon wall furthest from the sea. This valley is only 2 km away from the Kabak Avalon bungalows. The view of the canyon is beautiful both when you are in it and from the village or above looking down with the birds eye view.

  • Paragliding over Oludeniz:

I want to start by saying that the town of Ölüdeniz is something to fall in love with. Of all the places I traveled in Turkey which are a few, I have definitely left a big piece of my heart in Ölüdeniz.


This town is the host for the famous Blue Lagoon which is site for UNESCO world heritage and the signature coastal image for Turkey.

Paragliding over the mountain of Babadag was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.


The ride up to Mount Babadag is through a narrow and winding road that lasts about 30 minutes, so plan to take your anti-nausea ginger chews and look out to enjoy the view because the blue lagoon is jaw dropping.

Paragliding over Oludeniz

Once you reach the top of the mountain all the paragliders line up with their pilots getting ready for the take off. For me this anticipation was the only scary part of the ride. The take off itself, running off the mountain in your gear as your feet slowly lift of the ground, was a freeing experience. The rest of the journey, gliding through the clear blue skies and the view over the, oh so blue, Ölüdeniz beach and the mountains, was something off of the movies. I kept pinching myself as I kept thinking that these kinds of things always happen to other people and I could not just fathom what I was experiencing. During the flight, the pilot does some acrobatic loops and spins and which definitely fuelled my love of adrenaline.



My verdict is that if you are ever in Turkey, check out the Fethiye-Oludeniz-Faralya-Kabak strip as each region offers a unique experience. My suggestion is to walk under the umbrellas in Fethiye, go paragliding over Oludeniz and check out the butterfly valley in Faralya. And definitely stay in Kabak Avalon Bungalows as you will have an experience of a lifetime.

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    I didn’t realise there was such beautiful coast lines in Turkey, this looks like a true dream! Did you find the exchange rate comparable, or was it quite expensive to eat and shop in Faralya?

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    Love the site and what you have said about Turkey. I have always wanted to go there, as there is so much history that makes that culture so unique! Plus I am a foodie and want to try the food there so bad!!

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